Chris Matthews Thrilled His Regulars Think Perry's Easier for Obama to Attack Than Romney

Last month Tucker Carlson said, "Very few people have done more to divide the country than Chris Matthews."

Once again proving the point, Matthews on the syndicated program bearing his name this weekend expressed great joy that his regulars almost unanimously agreed that Texas governor Rick Perry will be easier for the Obama campaign to attack than former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney - "This is one of the great moments in this program's history" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

HOWARD FINEMAN, HUFFINGTON POST: However, there’s more to the Rick Perry story. We’re only beginning the Rick Perry story.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Well, I want to know what he’s like.

FINEMAN: It’s all in theory right now.

MATTHEWS: Well, here’s what the White House, I wanted to know what the White House thinks about his opportunity, the opportunity to go after him. We asked the Matthews Meter the most opportune question of the week, twelve of regulars including Howard, about Rick Perry versus Mitt Romney, the two hottest candidates right now.

Which one of those will be easier for the Obama campaign to go negative against? Who’s the fattest target? This is one of the great moments in this program's history because 11-1, one of the ones I really like, a knockout punch says Perry is a fatter target than Mitt Romney.

Imagine that.

"One of the great moments in this program's history" is his regulars almost unanimously agreeing that one Republican candidate for president will be easier for the current White House resident to attack than another.

And this is what passes for journalism on a program syndicated on NBC stations around the country.

I realize I ask this question quite frequently, but do Comcast and General Electric really condone this kind of blatant bias that could be considered offensive by almost half the nation?

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