Bennett Tells Sean Hannity He's Even Being Hammered by Howard Stern

On Sean Hannity's show Friday afternoon, Bill Bennett said the radio-show scandal has gotten so bad, he's being denounced by Howard Stern "for saying inappropriate things on the radio. That's a hell of a place to be."

Yike. Indeed, the Friday rundown of Stern's show on reports that after a typical interview session with porn star Brandi Love,

Howard again played the tape of former secretary of education and morality guru, Bill Bennett, suggesting on his radio show that aborting all black fetuses, while morally reprehensible, would lower the crime rate in this country. Howard then read an explanation that Bill gave for his remarks, but it infuriated Howard even more. Howard noted that since he has been chastised during the years for some of the things he has said, he hopes Bill gets what should be coming to him.

Gary [Stern's producer] reported that Bill, like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, is another conservative talk show host who sells tons of merchandise on this Web site. Besides t-shirts and mugs, Bill also sells a line of books he has written on morality, even though he lost millions of dollars recently playing slot machines…a lot. Gary also noted that the books differ in price, depending on whether Bill has signed them or not. Howard said conservative radio hosts should just start selling their own feces through their sites, seeing as they’re already offering so much crap.

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