Time Covers Mike Tyson's Islam, Not Radical Islamist's Shooting of U.S. Troops

Time's March 14 edition (the one that went to press on March 4 or 5) contained no mention of the two U.S. airmen gunned down in Germany by a radical Islamist. It did include a paragraph on the shooting of Pakistani Christian cabinet minister Shahbaz Bhatti, titled "Christian Politician's Murder A Sign of a Growing Assault on Liberals." The shooting in Islamabad happened on Wednesday. So did the shooting in Frankfurt. It would be hard for Time, now publishing on Fridays, to claim "the book was closed" before a Wednesday morning murder.

While the deceased airmen received no mention, Time did pluck for one of its "Ten Questions" to former boxing champ Mike Tyson a question about his conversion to Islam:

How has converting to Islam helped?  Hasan Kilic, ANKARA

Being a Muslim is who I am as a person. But let's say there wasn't Islam. Just that spirit, just for me to have my everyday [routines] helps. I have to be constantly on the move, or else the machine is going to break. I'm a realist. I deal with the world coming at me. It comes at me fast -- faster sometimes than I can say my prayers. God will have to forgive me if I forgot a few things. I hope he does, at least.

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