Cenk's Vulgar Jab At John Bolton

When you're subbing for Ed Schultz on MSNBC,  the race to the bottom is apparently irresistible . . .

Cenk [pronounced, I hasten to add, "Jenk," thus adding to the headline's alliteration] broke out a dubious double-entendre this evening when speaking of John Bolton.  Describing the ambassador's allegedly bellicose tendencies, Cenk claimed that, if he could, Bolton would "like to invade Uranus."

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Watch Cenk make a remark that in the mouth of a conservative would have the PC set crying "homophobia."

CENK UGYUR: In Psycho Talk tonight, you remember John Bolton? He's the guy with the funny walrus moustache.  He's the guy who was so extreme even some right-wing Republican senators wouldn't confirm him to be our UN ambassador.  Bush put him in there anyway, without Senate confirmation, just to show the world how much we love war.  Bolton had of course enthusiastically pushed for the Iraq war, he also wanted us to invade Iran.  If he could, he'd like to invade Uranus.