Lady Gaga's 'Overt Nazi Recruiting'?

There are few things that can surpass the self-conscious weirdness of a Lady Gaga video. One would be the Daily Kos blog analyzing a Lady Gaga video as a "Fascist Recruitment Tool." The blogger Vets74 called Lady Gaga's video for the song "Alejandro" the "Worst MTV Video of 2010." Since a lot of leather-wearing dudes goose-step around Gaga, it is dubbed "Triumph of the Will II." Why is this somehow comparable to fascism?

Worldwide success based on black leather, woman-hating Corporatism. Overt Nazi recruiting gets pushed to the center of pop culture.

It seems more like the Saturday Night Live satire "Sprockets" than "Springtime for Hitler."

One might at least expect the Anti-Defamation League or the Southern Poverty Law Center to put out a press release if there was a serious hint of "overt Nazi recruiting" going on. There are no swastikas or homages to Hitler. You could just as easily argue that the weird nun habit she wears as she eats the Rosary is a recruitment poster for Catholicism.

Lady Gaga has said nothing that would support the idea that she's on a fascist bender. Her politics have been strongly centered on "gay liberation" and the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" in the military. It would be much easier to argue that this video is Gaga's way of advancing her approval rating in the gay community.

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