Time: Team Obama 'So Far to the Right' on Immigration

Time's Jay Newton-Small writes that Democrats are in search of a Republican to help them carry the load of "comprehensive immigration reform" (amnesty). But with deportations on the rise, she also claimed that Team Obama is relentlessly conservative on immigration:

No one in this Time piece is on the "left" -- typically, the left in this story is badly disguised as "immigrants rights groups" and "Latino advocates." But Newton-Small cites them to insist that conservative Republicans are in more danger than liberal Democrats:

But if the immediate danger is to Democrats seeking Hispanic votes this November, the longer-term danger is to Republicans if they're perceived as blocking the legislation. The Arizona law, authored and passed by a Republican-controlled legislature and a Republican governor — means that the GOP starts this cycle with a black eye with the Hispanic community.
"There's a great deal of pressure in the Republican Party to address it and once and for all move it off the table so they can start repairing their relationship with the Latino community," says Clarissa Martinez de Castro, director of immigration and national campaigns at the National Council of La Raza, one of the country's largest Hispanic advocacy groups. "Not doing so sets them on a suicidal course going into a presidential election."
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