Mike Malloy Spews Hate in E-mail and Radio Show on Same Day He Appeared on MSNBC

On the very same day that MSNBC put him on to discuss Sarah Palin's violent-sounding rhetoric about a "hit list," leftist talk-radio host Mike Malloy e-mailed a reply to a NewsBusters reader and a group of conservative talkers on his list including Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, John Gibson, Hugh Hewitt, and Joe Scarborough, as well as several other Fox News producers with this message: "eat s— and die you right wing geeks".

And on that same day on his radio show, Malloy kept pushing for the deaths (by suicide) of conservative talkers, in reference to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. He thought it outrageous that someone would think militias aren't threatening, but what's threatening are hosts like Mike Malloy:

People like me who say that if Limbaugh, and Beck, and Hannity, and the rest of these clowns, in their incitement of the brain-dead followers, if there is another Murrah Federal Building incident, or one similiar to it, these guys ought to commit suicide. That would be the honorable thing to do.

Then he envisioned (and giggled about) these conceptual suicides:  

Limbaugh could eat enough, um, Viagra until gets all rigid and can't move, can't breathe. Um, Beck can just shoot himself on the air; Hannity can, um. What can Hannity do? (Laughs) Yeah that's true. He can grease himself up and go to the bunny ranch! All these guys. Yeah, they all should do the honorable thing and just kill themselves, you're damn right.

And the qualifier is if they incite people to do another Murrah federal building - and yeah, I said it, and yeah, I stand by it; and I'll continue to say it!

Malloy also smeared former congressman J.D. Hayworth on Monday: "He's got that look, it's hard to describe; the first thing that comes to mind is child molester."

Let's recall David Shuster's less-than-tough questions (and non-questions) for Malloy in that Monday segment:  

SHUSTER: Mike Malloy, then how come I see so many Democrats saying they want Sarah Palin to suck as much oxygen out of the room on the Conservative, Republican side?...

SHUSTER: Mike. Your take.

And he even let Malloy play anchorman:

MALLOY: Could I ask a question?

SHUSTER: Mike, we'll give you the last word.

MALLOY to HUGH HEWITT: Just a question to Mr. Generic Conservative, what is a pseudo-sophisticate?

Answer: It's not someone who needs a definition.

Mike Malloy
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