Mitchell Predicts: Head To Roll

Not a surprise, but still noteworthy: a heavy MSM hitter is now strongly suggesting that, post-NWA 253, a senior Obama admin official will be walking the plank.

Say what we will of her, but Andrea Mitchell has her sources.  So when the NBC correspondent declared on Morning Joe today that she suspects "somebody is either going to be resigning or forced to resign," we can pretty much take it to the [Federal Reserve?] bank.

ANDREA MITCHELL: The president was surprisingly tough about the systemic failure.  That tells me, it certainly tells people who cover the White House [Chuck Todd in Hawaii with PBO, perhaps?] that something is going to happen. You talked about it just a bit ago, and it seems to me that somebody--Dan Senor mentioned this--somebody is going to have to pay the price for this.  

Whether it's Dennis Blair [Director of National Intelligence] or someone else in the system, it's very clear that the president wants accountability and he said that there's going to be accountability. And somebody I would suspect is going to either be resigning or forced to resign.

I'm sure Blair isn't thrilled to be the only person whose name Mitchell mentioned.  But whatever his fate, is it conceivable, given her "system worked" fiasco, that Janet Napolitano is long for the Department of Homeland Security?

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