ABC Shocker: ‘Good Morning America’ Hires Pro-Abstinence Steve Harvey for ‘Lifestyle’ Segments

In a surprising move, the network that brought you “objectum sexuals,” “the pregnant man,” sugar daddies, transvestites and a whole array of sexual deviants has hired an unambiguously pro-abstinence voice for its morning show.

Reuters reported on August 17 that “Comedian Steve Harvey has joined ABC's ‘Good Morning America’ as a contributor for the next several months.” Harvey, an actor, comic and syndicated radio host, is the author of “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” an advice book for women.

As the Culture & Media Institute reported in April, Harvey maintains that women shouldn’t be quick to have sex when dating, and that they should wait 90 days to “give up the cookie.” While that may seem like common sense, for ABC it’s downright radical.

In reporting on the announcement, New York Daily News TV Editor Richard Huff wrote that Harvey’s “also been an outspoken advocate for communities to get behind children without fathers and in urging young men to show responsibility.”

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