Doonesbury Sunday Strip Slings the Mud Against Sarah Palin's Family

Doonesbury's colorful Sunday comic strip on October 12 was a complete mudslinging negative ad on behalf of the Obama-Biden ticket. Newspapers ought to charge someone for this kind of blatant electioneering. Radio host Mark Slackmeyer declares:

Hey, folks! Have you been wondering why Republicans have suddenly stopping talking about "family values"?

Could it be because a divorced John McCain chose as his running mate a stay-at-work mom who hid her last unplanned pregnancy...

And who has a pregnant, unwed teenager with a self-described "******* redneck" of a boyfriend who "doesn't want kids"...

...And an ex-brother in law who Tasered her nephew, and a husband with a DUI who loves his country so much he joined a secessionist party?

All of which leaves the GOP clinging to one remaining family value -- the shotgun wedding! All previous values are null and void because "life happens"!

The strip ends with Slackmeyer promising "a rebuttal from my gay, Republican ex-husband!" The former lover replies "Hey! My private life is off-limits!"

All in all, it's another strip that could prompt someone to say: "Doonesbury. I remember when that strip was funny. Disco was king...."

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