Curry Suggests Palin Using 'Ugly' Tactic By Raising Ayers-Obama

You're an MSM anchor.  For the last couple days, Obama spokesmen have been out there denying their candidate knew of William Ayers's terrorist past when Obama launched his political career in the Ayers living room.  You now have the opportunity to interview Obama's VP running-mate.  So naturally, you ask him to confirm or deny the campaign's assertion of Obama's ignorance, right?

Trick question.  I did say "you're an MSM anchor." No, when Ann Curry had Joe Biden on Today this morning, she couldn't even bring herself to mention Ayers by name.  Far from challenging Biden as to the truth of the campaign's denial, she teed up the notion that Sarah Palin is using "ugly" tactics by daring to raise the Obama-Ayers and Obama-Wright connections.

ANN CURRY: Let's talk about the new style of the campaign. Because Sarah Palin is now saying that the gloves are off.  She's linked Obama to domestic terrorism, she's been bringing up Reverend Wright's name, she was hearing at one of these events Obama introduced as "Barack Hussein Obama."  Is there a tone -- where is all of this going? Explain what's happening here, Joe.

And they say Curry's not a tough questioner!  So nice to see she's on a first-name basis with good old Joe.

JOE BIDEN: She's losing.  She's been told to go out and pull out all the stops.  

CURRY: Is this an ugly stop? 

Biden ran with the ball Ann had so solicitously lobbed.

BIDEN: Oh, it's ugly. 

CURRY: Can you characterize how you view this stop?

BIDEN: Well, I think it is ugly. 

Hard-hitting journalism at its fiercest best.

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