Corsi Held In Kenya; AP Hits 'False Rumors,' Like Obama Attending a Radical Black Church?

One of the top stories on Yahoo! news this morning is an Associated Press report on anti-Obama author Jerome Corsi being held in Kenya over his immigration papers. Reporter Tom Odula makes sure he sticks this Obama campaign language in, complete with a website plug:

Corsi's book claims the Illinois senator is a dangerous, radical candidate for president and includes innuendoes and false rumors — that he was raised a Muslim, attended a radical, black church and is secretly seething with "black rage."

Obama is a Christian who attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, and his campaign picks apart the book's claims on the Obama campaign's rumor-fighting Web site,

So the AP accurately reports that Obama attended Reverend Wright's church, but it's placed on a list of "false rumors" or "innuendoes" that it was radical? (Is there any doubt that Wright was seething with black rage?) Obama's not a "radical," despite his history of working relationships in Chicago with people whose idea of idealism was bombing U.S. government buildings.

AP's headline cites Corsi as an "anti-Obama author," which is certainly true, but anti-Bush authors would probably not be described with the label "anti-Bush." It sounds too negative. They'd probably be listed by their Pulitzers or other liberal honors. The Times of London also has a story.

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