Naked Eye: CBS iPhone App Hit with Risque Content

Advertising Age magazine reports today that CBS News has gotten "[A] Rude Lesson in Citizen Journalism" with its iPhone application. It turns out the "Eyemobile for iPhone" has become a handy vehicle for amateur pornographers to spam the site:

A visit to turns up a few photos that walk the line of not-safe-for-work, a jarring juxtaposition with CBS's storied news brand.

What's more, Google is advertising on the clips via AdMob.

"This seems to be a classic case of nobody paying attention to whether any of the materials are newsworthy or not," Mr. Johnson said. "Looks to me like Facebook run amok, but even Facebook has a moderator."

So how on earth could this have happened?:

CBS does have a moderator, but it seems the system isn't working, or perhaps not as well as they would like. "We've been posting user-generated content since April, and this is the first known incident along these lines," a CBS spokesman said. "It was removed promptly and we will redouble our efforts in this regard."

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