Reader Sees 'Advocacy Journalism' in LAT Coverage of Gay Weddings

Readers of the Los Angeles Times could not miss the huge headline on the top of the front page on Wednesday (6/18/08): "Hundreds married on historic day" (print edition). In addition to the enormous headline, a whopping nine photos accompanied the Times's coverage of the first full day of legalized gay marriage in California.

One reader saw a clear case of bias by the Times. Here's his letter to the editor in yesterday's paper (6/20/08):

Re "Hundreds married on historic day," June 18

The only thing missing from this headline is the exclamation point. But the real tipoff was the picture of two women kissing on the front page. It was inappropriate for many reasons, but mostly because it demonstrates a case study in advocacy journalism.

The Times should learn to contain its enthusiasm for gay marriage and respect that 60% of Californians voted against it. We have nothing against gay people and their rights to live their lives as they wish, but we consider marriage a sacred institution, not to be trifled with at the whim of those who choose different types of relationships. You do your readers a disservice with this type of reporting.

Paul Derouin
El Segundo

Well said, sir.

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