Daily Show Hits New Low

Last night's episode of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", Stewart declared his frustration with the constant Democratic campaign coverage on his show. He decided to take a break on his "Cluster F--- to the White House" coverage and report on other topics. His closing remarks summed up his entire show, "... I think we mentioned the word penis in every act so far tonight." It may not be that big of a shock to those who watch Comedy Central that Jon Stewart would take on such a theme for a show, but it seems a little low how far he took it through some parts of the show.

In the first segment Jon Stewart claims that he will not talk about a popular story, but ultimately does by mentioning it. "Except we're going to do a little international news and no we're not doing the Congolese penis panic theft story. Although ,apparently, it really is a story in the Congo. Penis theft panic in the Congo, by the way you would be surprised about how few penises you have to steal to create a panic; really it's just one or two."

John Stewart followed up that story by making this derogatory remark about John McCain in the next part of the show. It is at this point when the show sinks to a whole new level.

STEWART: "Hey everybody, welcome back! We were talking about... you know, we're all a little sick of the Democratic contenders for the presidency and hearing about them and all the tough hard-hitting questions they had to endure and they're on to each other, who cares? But did you know there's another candidate in the race? One who is a Republican? And who is allegedly right now sitting at home soaking his aching balls in a chilled gravy boat full of Howard Deans tears? Oh, his balls are soaking. His name's McCain, John McCain..."

Lastly, Stewart interviewed British actor Colin Firth who has a movie coming out. Firth tells a story about being in a bathroom in NYC and someone taking a picture of him. Firth finishes telling the story and wants to get back to the movie, but Stewart is unable to drop the penis talk.

FIRTH: "But, anyway back to the film."

STEWART: "Back to the film you did. Uhh, is your penis in that?"

FIRTH: "No, no."

STEWART: "It's hard to move on to the ahh other topics at hand.

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