Google to 'Shut Down' Capitol Switchboard Over Global Warming

Ah, Earf Day. The day when all the Chicken Littles and the occasional boy who cried wolf can get their fifteen minutes of attention. Don't we just love the warm and fuzzies of claiming the mantle of God and "saving" the Earf from global warming? Well, The Washington Times Fishwrap blog reports that Google has joined the fray to save the Earf and they are going to do it by helping Kathleen Rogers of Earth Day Network to shut down the phone switchboard at the Capitol in Washington D.C. with the calls from "concerned citizens" who think that calling Washington on the phone can somehow stop global warming.

A group of environmental activists has enlisted Google to help flood the congressional switchboard with one million phone calls on Earth Day urging lawmakers to enact eco-friendly measures.

I'm tingling with excitement already. If I thought I could alter the solar activities really responsible for global climate change just by making a phone call... well, imagine the power? Maybe I could use my house phone to stop a hurricane or tornado, or better yet, use my cell phone influence the scores of the next few Superbowls. Well, I'd just be in heaven.

Naturally, our Earf Day prez thinks global warming is the "biggest threat" we've ever faced. No hyperbole there.

"We're really excited about this because Congress keeps saying they don't hear from the American public on climate change," said Kathleen Rogers, president of Earth Day Network, which bills itself as an eco-activism group connecting some 17,000 organizations in 174 countries. "The [presidential] candidates are not being asked about climate change. Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity that we've ever faced."

But now, riding to the Earf's rescue on the electronic waves of the Internet, comes Google.

Rogers said her group is finalizing talks with Internet giant Google to coordinate online advertisements and other publicity measures in support of the calls. Details of the arrangement are still being worked out and are scheduled to be released on April 14.

Google is well-known for supporting far left causes with its massive Internet fortune. For last week's so-called Earth hour where everyone was supposed to turn off all electric using devices, Google went dark. Of course, this silly symbolism was meaningless in the fact that electric had to be used to SEE that Google had gone dark... but I digress.

Helpfully, our Miss Rogers put down her rose colored glasses long enough to come up with a plan to help any globaloney acolytes who may not be able to think for themselves to further the cause.

Rogers said the group is arming supporters with voluntary talking points, including a call for a moratorium on new coal-burning plants and support for carbon-neutral buildings and protections to ensure the poor and middle classes don't bear the brunt of rising energy costs.

Now, I have a question about all this. Earth Day Network isn't solely an American organization. The network has chapters in 174 countries. How do we know that all these Earf saving phone calls that are meant to influence the American government aren't coming from foreigners? And why, exactly, should our government officials be swayed by foreign phone callers?

In any case, here is more foolishness of the globaloney crowd, but the fact that Internet giant Google is giving them such a boost should be a bit alarming to those of us on the saner side of the climate change issue.

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