Playboy Seeks Keith Olbermann Lover to Stem Tide of Hate Mail

TV Newser reports that reader reaction to the Playboy magazine interview in which MSNBC star Keith Olbermann wackily claimed that Fox News was more dangerous than al-Qaeda was so bad, Playboy went looking to recruit a positive letter-writer for balance.

[A]n anonymous emailer directed TVNewser to, a fan site of Olbermann's. Becky, who runs the site, tells the story of how Playboy editor Chip Rowe contacted her looking for a positive letter in support of Olbermann to offset the slew of negative letters Playboy received...

More from an industry insider: "The more glaring issue here is that Olbermann's Al Qaeda comment was so over the top that Playboy had to resort to asking one of his rabid fans to find one person to say something positive about him."

But there's more. Keith-loving blogger Becky was allowed to use a phony surname in her letter:

The hitch was that they insist on publishing a full name, city and state for all letters. For personal reasons, I prefer not to use my real name online, and even though this wasn’t online, it did identify me as the person who runs this site. With Mr. Rowe’s permission, I gave him a pseudonym - Becky Liebowitz (after Jon Stewart) of Chicago. If you happen to be a genuine Becky Leibowitz residing in the city by the lake, my apologies.

The spirit of Keith even extends to that blog's commenters, who cheer on Becky's fake name, since it ought to throw off Bill O'Reilly's "secret police squad" off the scent:

So glad that they did not make you use your real name, as my hair stood on end when I thought that you had.(And is the Bill-O secret police squad on its way, even as I type this, to the home of an innocent and unprepared real Becky Leibowitz?)

Reading all of those nasty letters I can see that they wanted at least one that was not negative, leading me to the perhaps unjustified belief that nutty conservatives buy Playboy more than wild eyed liberals because they aren’t getting any and have to fantasize.

Social conservatives should not be buying or subscribing to Playboy, but that still leaves plenty of tax cut-loving libertarians to write the nudie mag and suggest that Olbermann is the male Rosie O'Donnell.

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