ChiTrib Blogger: Hillary's a Phoenix Rising from Iowa's Ashes!

It's almost like he's trying hard to win an MRC DisHonors Award.

Chicago Tribune's Jim Tankersley, writing last night in The Swamp blog re: Sen. Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire victory:

A Clinton wake becomes a revival

By Jim Tankersley

MANCHESTER, N.H. – From her tears came healing. From her slushy funeral pyre, new life.

On a night that had everyone invoking her husband's "Comeback Kid" days, Hillary Clinton earned a moniker all her own: the Phoenix.

As students of mythology – or fans of Harry Potter – know well, the phoenix is a legendary bird that bursts into flames at death and rises again from its own ashes. Until now, Republicans have been the ones emulating it in the 2008 presidential race. First Mike Huckabee, then John McCain, resurrected his chances in an early nomination contest within the last week.

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