The American Conservative: Adolf Giuliani? - Media Research - Media Research Center Methinks This Is No CoincidenceOn the cover of the latest edition of that 1930s paleoconservative throw back publication, the American Conservative, Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani is drawn in "9-11" garb that is starkly reminiscent of an SS uniform circa Nazi Germany.

This missive is not an analysis exercise of the accompanying article. There are Conservative differences aplenty to be found with Giuliani, in fact with all of the current Presidential hopefuls; so too with American Conservative Founding Editor Patrick J. Buchanan.

This is written simply to say that it is more than a bit out of respectable bounds to allude to the Mayor (no, not Marion Barry - he is "Mayor for Life") as being a Nazi.

Pat should know, and know better; he was referred to in precisely this manner often enough during his run at the Brass Ring in 1992.

(I have met Pat on one occassion; he is indubitably one of the most gracious men in or out of show business, light years removed from being a World War II Berlin refugee.)

Liberals have made a living dropping this "N" word on Conservative heads ever since the authentics invaded Poland in 1939. Let us not ever stoop so low as to come within eyeshot of where the Left lives.

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