Actor Charles Grodin Calls Sean Hannity a Fascist on H&C

I have to say, this little TV clip -- posted below -- shows how leftists can neither take a joke nor can they see what’s funny about their own leftism. On the Dec. 17th edition of Hannity & Colmes guest Charles Grodin decided that it would be, uh, funny to call host Sean Hannity a fascist and a Nazi. Yes, Charles Grodin lost the game violating Godwin’s Law, that states that if you are the first to call someone a Nazi in an argument you end meaningful discussion by heading for the cheapest, easiest, least applicable argument and name to call an opponent. Grodin’s knee jerk reaction, caused him to lose the game, but he did reveal his true feelings for that split second before he regained his composure and put his faux amiability back on.

Grodin was on H&C to flog his latest book titled "If I Only Knew Then: Learning From Our Mistakes," a book where a dozen or so liberals debase themselves by telling Grodin their mistakes in life. As Hannity points out, Grodin didn’t include any conservatives in his list. This oversight is probably for the obvious reason that Grodin probably doesn’t know any conservatives, never met one (Hannity aside) and wouldn’t deign to speak to one even if he did.

At about five minutes into the discussion about Grodin’s book, Hannity jokingly said that Grodin was a "left wing extremist," and this set Grodin off something fierce. In answer to Hannity’s ribbing an obviously angered Grodin called Hannity a "fascist," a "Nazi," and asked Hannity if he had co-hosted a show with "Goebbels" (as in Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels).

Grodin was obviously angry to have leapt straight for the jugular and so badly showing he can’t take a bit of joshing about his political persuasion. But, his over the top reply reveals how touchy he is on the issue. After all, is "left wing extremist" nearly as bad in general status as a fascist and a Nazi? After all, one can be a "left wing extremist" without having been responsible for the murder of millions and multiple acts of genocide! Me thinks Chuckie doth protest too much.

Grodin’s meltdown is at about 4 minutes and 55 seconds into this clip.

Take a chill pill, Chuckie!

Transcript of segment under discussion:

Hannity: Author of If I only knew then... learning from our mistakes, left wing extremist, Charles Grodin...

Grodin: Here's the right wing fascist, Sean Hannity...

Hannity: Oh, stop it...Fascist? You call me a fascist?

Grodin: You're a fascist. Didn't you used to co-host a show... did you not co-host with Goebbels before you met Alan?

Colmes: Ohhhh!

Hannity: That is so insulting... your'e calling me a Nazi?

Grodin: Well, I'm a left-wing extremist? I didn't say you're a Nazi, see I said your co-host was a Nazi. I think there is a difference.

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