Sheryl Crow's Toilet Paper Concerns Echoed by Environmental Group

Remember back in April when Al Gore sycophant Sheryl Crow actually suggested “a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting,” and then after being ridiculed for her stupidity had the nerve of saying, “It was just a joke?”

Well, an environmental group called Worldwatch Institute appears to share Crow’s concerns about Americans using too much toilet paper (h/t Planet Gore).

In an article entitled “Matters of Scale: Into the Toilet,” the Institute actually detailed toilet paper usage by various parts of the planet (I kid you not!):

Estimated sales of toilet paper in the United States (2005)     US$5.7 billion

In Canada                                                                                US$643 million

In India                                                                                      US$7.7 million


Per capita annual consumption of toilet tissue in North America         23.0 kg

In Western Europe                                                                              13.8 kg

In Latin America                                                                                   4.2 kg

In Asia                                                                                                 1.8 kg

In Africa                                                                                               0.4 kg 

In reality, I like Rosie O’Donnell’s take on this issue the best (video available here, relevant section at minute 1:30): “One little thing? Has she seen my ass?”

On the other hand (wink, wink), Mark Steyn might have best captured the stupidity of this issue (as quoted by Steven Hayward at Planet Gore): “All we are saying, is give one piece a chance!”

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