Florida County Doing Limbaugh Shuffle Was In Middle of 2000's Recount Debacle

As the MRC's Matthew Balan reported, Florida’s Broward County is actually considering canceling the broadcast of emergency information -- including that related to hurricanes -- on a prominent radio station in the area because it airs the Rush Limbaugh Show.

I kid you not.

Potentially even less surprising is that this County Commission, made up exclusively of Democrats, was right in the middle of the Florida recount debacle back in November 2000.

For example, do you remember this face:


Remember her? This is Sue Gunzburger, the Broward County commissioner who was always able to divine the appropriate chad to give Al Gore another crucial vote, while typically missing those for George W. Bush.


Folks should also remember that this was the County that Drudge was reporting A LOT of improprieties about at the time:


Add it all up, and this is the same County commission which is seven years later considering canceling a radio station contract all because of Rush Limbaugh.

Honestly, folks, you can't make this stuff up.

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