Chivalry Still Alive: AP Gives Larry's But Not Laurie's Age in David Divorce Story

Who would have thought that chivalry would still be alive at the liberal Associated Press? Yet in its story on the split between Larry and Laurie David, the venerable wire agency states the age, 59, of the creator of Seinfeld, but not that of his activist wife, producer of Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth."

Isn't the feminist AP the home of strong women, proud of every wrinkle?

For the record, Laurie hits the half-century mark next March . . . unless of course a global-warming catastrophe stops the clock for all of us before then.

Note: The story ends by informing us that in April, Laurie "accompanied singer Sheryl Crow on a college tour to raise awareness about climate change." Could AP be trying to suggest some kind of cause and effect?

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