Mika Mocks: Next Prez Needs to Repair Damage Done by Bush

Not that there had been much doubt as to where MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski stands politically . . . . As we have noted before, today wasn't the first time that the daughter of Jimmy Carter's erstwhile National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski has expressed liberal views on air. Still, it was jarring to hear the ostensibly objective newsreader, appearing as a guest on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" [an occasional show hosted by Joe Scarborough in Imus's former time slot] at 6:24 am EDT today, spout criticism of President Bush with a passion worthy of an "out" Dem partisan.

The springboard was a discussion among Mika, Joe and NPR contributor John Ridley of the moment in last night's GOP presidential debate in which Rudy deftly dealt with a lightning strike just as he was explaining his pro-choice views. Ridley opined, to the agreement of the others, that Rudy handled the impromptu moment more smoothly than President Bush often does his scripted ones. Scarborough observed that "we do need elected leaders who can communicate effectively," noting that it was Tony Blair, not President Bush, who in a session with Congress had made the most effective case for the Iraq war.

That's when Mika pounced.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: We're looking for someone who is going to be able to communicate globally and sort of repair what some may believe is a huge problem in terms of our reputation and respect for ourselves around the world.

The "some may believe" was only the barest of cover for what was clearly Mika's personal opinion. She immediately erased any doubt that she was aiming her dart at President Bush by ending her intervention by archly exclaiming "Vladimir!", an allusion to President Bush having recently referred to the Russian leader that way.

Things got even more pointed. When Joe announced that he was going to "get on George Bush's side for a second," Mika responded, "alright, do it, please!" Meaning: yes, I've clearly put myself in the anti-Bush camp so go ahead and try to defend him. Joe pointed out that Germany and France, the two allies in Europe "that thumbed their nose at us," have in recent times elected pro-American leaders in Merkel and Sarkozy.

Snapped Mika, disdain in her voice: "What does that have to do with George Bush?"

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