Meteorologist: ‘Al Gore’s Global Warming is the Biggest Myth of the Century’

I’m sure I’m speaking for millions of anthropogenic global warming skeptics when I say that virtually nothing brightens my day more than an article written by a climate expert exposing the Global Warmingist-in-Chief, soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore, as nothing more than a snake oil selling charlatan.

All those who agree say "Aye."

With that in mind, the sun came out brightly this morning when I received the following article in my inbox.

As published at the Muskogee Phoenix Sunday evening, a former military meteorologist named Paul Becker wrote a marvelous letter to the editor (emphasis added throughout):

Al Gore’s global warming is the biggest myth of the century, even transcending Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Those who believed the latter three myths would also be snowed by Gore’s myth.

People who would really like to know the truth and who are not mesmerized by their political commitment to Gore should consult the scientific community — try the American Meteorological Society.

Excuse me, Paul, but why should they consult anyone? Didn’t you hear? The debate’s over, and according to the alarmists, they won.

Of course, none of them is actually willing to debate the issue, making the assertion “the debate’s over” thoroughly absurd.

Regardless, after sharing his credentials with the reader, Becker continued:

I’m telling you global warming is a myth. However, please check the Internet (Al Gore’s invention) and ask about greenhouse gases.You will find that there are five. The most plentiful is water vapor making up 35 to 70 percent of all greenhouse gases. Mankind’s total contribution to all greenhouse gases — this includes cars, trucks, manufacturing plants, boats, planes and any pollution producer you can name — the total is less than 1 percent. Mother Nature provides the other 99 percent. It’s on the Net.

Before you buy into the global warming myth, just remember that most of the natural wonders of the world were caused by various ice ages and periods of global warming. We’ve warmed one-half of a degree in the last century, but Gore has Florida under water in a decade or so when the ice cap melts.

Yes, Paul, but the debate’s over!

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