London Times Reviewer: Old Glory in 'Spider-Man 3' is 'Disappointing'

A NewsBusters reader alerted me a few minutes ago to London Times film critic Leo Lewis and how he threw in a complaint about the American flag's brief cameo in "Spider-Man 3." The superhero sequel is set for wide release in the United States on May 4, Lewis filed his review from Tokyo.

Lewis liked the film overall (3 out of 5 stars) but was disappointed that the evil alter-ego that inhabits Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) in the film is "still hopelessly mild-mannered." Of course, unlike say "Grindhouse," "Spider-Man" is intended for a wide audience from fathers and sons to teenagers on a Saturday night date.

At any rate, Lewis then puts in his anti-American potshot with his complaint about a scene featuring an American flag. The scene is similar to one in the first movie with Spidey atop a skyscraper crowned with Old Glory:

Also disappointing is the inability of the director, Sam Raimi, to end
the romp without a fleeting shot of the American flag. The Stars and
Stripes just happens to be fluttering behind Spidey as he makes his
triumphal return to honour, probity and good honest fist-fighting.

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