Skiers Protest Global Warming Hours Before Record Snowstorm Arrives

Are those combustibles, potables, and sharp objects still in a safe place? Good, because the Silly Saturday Snowstorm Stories continue.

As reported Saturday morning by the Associated Press (emphasis added):

WILMINGTON, N.Y. -- Skiers unfurled a protest banner in April snow on Whiteface Mountain on Saturday to kick off a nationwide day of demonstrations aimed at drawing attention to global warming.

The skiers fear long-term temperature increases promise trouble for native plants, wildlife and people in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York state.

Why is this funny? Well, because a massive snowstorm is heading directly to this area threatening to drop more of the white stuff ever seen in this part of the country in April. (Update: Winter storm warning issued for Wilmington, NY.) As reported by AccuWeather (emphasis added):

The Northeast looks good for snow later Saturday night into Sunday and Sunday night. Snow will develop along and ahead of a storm that will be coined as a classic nor'easter. An April snowstorm is not an unheard of event, but usually to get a foot of snow it takes a very special situation to dump that amount. This storm certainly has all of the classic markers. There is cold enough air near the focus of the storm, it is deepening and moving in during the night Saturday and strengthening later Saturday night into Sunday and moisture will continue to wrap westward as the storm really bombs out at the East Coast and moves northeastward. Right now, the storm looks to be most potent over northern Pennsylvania into interior New York and northward to New England. Some places are likely to get 2 feet of snow by the time Monday morning rolls in. Even snowfall up to a foot could fall across northern Pennsylvania and southern New York. This storm, of course, will probably break several snowfall records for the date in a few places.

Of course, Laurie David, the producer of Al Gore’s schlockumentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” will be telling college students she meets on her “Stop Global Warming” tour that this snowstorm is just another example of global warming.

The truly sad part is that she believes it, as do most of the alarmists in the media and around the country. After all, for them, if you say, "Snowstorm," they say, "Global warming."

Let's call the whole thing off. </Gershwin melody>

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