Kansans Hoping Record Snowstorm Won’t Cancel Global Warming Rally

Don’t remove combustibles, potables, and sharp objects from safe stowage just yet, sports fans, for the news this morning continues to provide chuckles that could prove dangerous to computer equipment and other consumer electronics.

And I'm loving it!

There is supposed to be a global warming rally in Salina, Kansas, on Saturday. However -- as if totally on cue! -- a record snowstorm for this late in the season is threatening to turn this green celebration white!

You really can't make this stuff up!

As comically reported by the Salina Journal (emphasis added throughout):

Depending on weather during the day, some outdoor events might be moved indoors or canceled, she said.

An outdoor rally and march urging action against global warming also will go on as planned.

Don’t go for the remote quite yet, folks, for this is about to get good...I promise:

"The show will go on," said organizer Laura Krinock. "They say the snow is going to stop by morning, and the sidewalks will be cleaned off. If it's really bad, we'll just move it to Caper's."

Besides, Krinock said, "I'd hate to cancel a rally on global warming because of snow."

I told you so. Leave that remote alone:

Lawson chortled at the idea of a rally against global warming occurring in the snow, but he was quick to point out that a "minor undulation of the weather" doesn't debunk the idea of global warming.

Salina averages about 0.3 inches of snow in April, Lawson said, so "snow's not unusual, but this much snow this late is."

Don’t go anywhere yet:

The latest in the spring Salina has had measurable snow was in 1953, when the city got 1.2 inches on April 11.

That record will be broken today, Lawson said.

"You're always going to have minor fluctuations like this," Lawson said, explaining that global warming is about long-term trends, not an unusual cold snap. "This doesn't mean anything in the long term ... this doesn't mean we won't have a warm spring."

I’m verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves!

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