'View' Shocker: Co-Hosts Expose Sharpton's Extreme Remarks

On April 12, for the third straight day "The View" co-hosts discussed the Imus controversy. Most noteworthy, though, they also discussed the lack of moral authority from Imus’ most visible critic, Reverend Al Sharpton. Guest co-host Rose McGowan read verbatim Sharpton’s most inflammatory, anti-semitic remarks including the Tawana Brawley hoax and labelling Jews "diamond merchants." Co-host Joy Behar editorialized on the key remarks. Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck called Sharpton’s comments "hatred" and McGowan called them "complete bigotry." Rosie O’Donnell was unusually quiet. The entire transcript is below.

BEHAR: Because this Imus thing is not, you should pardon the pun, black and white issue. It’s not. It's a gray issue.

McGOWAN: You said before, he said really horrible things about, talking about Sharpton saying really horrible things about Jewish people. Many things.

BEHAR: I have it right here.

McGOWAN: It was a little bit –okay.

ROSIE O’DONNELL: Take it Rose. I love today. I have to say nothing. Go! No, it's good honey, take it.

McGOWEN: They came to see you.

O’DONNELL: They did not. Go ahead, read. Make your point, whatever it is.

ROSE McGOWAN: My point, who knows what it is? Let’s take Al Sharpton, civil rights leader. It says so. 1987, Sharpton spreads Tawana Brawley hoax. That was evil. I remember, you know, being little and that whole circus going on at the time. 1991, Hasidic Jewish driver accidentally kills black child in Crown Heights. Sharpton rails against the "diamond merchants"and organizes march through Jewish neighborhood chanting "no justice, no peace." 1995 --

BEHAR: Diamond merchants being the key anti-Semitic remark.

O’DONNELL: Go ahead.

McGOWAN: Thank you. 1995, black landlord in Harlem raised rent for white Jewish owner, who in turn raised rent for black subtenants. Sharpton said "we will not stand by so that some white interloper can expand his business."

BEHAR: That’s money, Jews money.

McGOWAN: Like he's trying to slam them with the money and, and basically-

HASSELBECK: It’s hatred.

McGOWAN: Yes. It’s complete bigotry and I think it is just a common thing now.

BEHAR: Now that's in the middle of the circus. Like my mother used to say, don't spit up in the air, it comes back in your face.

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