Record Cold Sweeps Nation After Release of IPCC’s Global Warming Report

The multitudes of anthropogenic global warming skeptics around the country couldn’t have scripted this any better.

As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its Fourth Assessment Report Friday presaging doom and gloom as a result of global warming, a cold snap gripped much of the country promising all-time low April temperatures in many cities across the fruited plain.

You really can’t make this stuff up!

As reported by AccuWeather:

A brutally cold surge of arctic air into the eastern half of the United States will easily bring record-low temperatures on Easter morning and could cause significant losses in some of the nation's most prolific agricultural areas.

High pressure building toward the Southeast will bring calm winds and clear skies, which combined with the very cold air mass in place, will allow temperatures in many cities to challenge the coldest lows ever reached during the month of April. The cold will severely tax peach orchards across Georgia, and strawberry orchards throughout the Southeast. Bitter cold will also be felt throughout the wheat-growing areas of the Midwest and central Plains.

Timing is everything, wouldn’t you agree? The article continued (emphasis added):

The springtime arctic outbreak will also allow for snow in areas that very rarely see wintry precipitation this late in the year. On Saturday morning, snow mixed with rain in much of North Carolina, and flurries were observed as far south as Atlanta. The system that caused this rare April snowfall will scrape the Northeast coast with some additional snow on Saturday. Moderate snowfall also fell in Washington, D.C. early Saturday morning. The nation's capital has not received accumulating snow in April since 2001.

How the media cover this is anybody’s guess. However, as temperatures in some areas will be 20 degrees colder than average, it is quite safe to say this will get far less attention than if they were 20 degrees warmer.

Anyone care to guess why? 

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