Comic Relief Thursday: Dennis Miller on ‘Daily Show’ at his Side-Splitting Finest

For those in desperate need of a little comic relief on a Thursday afternoon, the following video provided by our dear friend Ms Underestimated is an absolute must see.

Dennis Miller was Jon Stewart’s guest on last Friday’s “Daily Show,” and the pair were absolutely side-splittingly funny.

In a six-minute, commercial-free segment, Miller took on Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Robert Byrd, and a number of political figures in a fashion only he can.

For instance, here was Miller’s take on the current Speaker of the House:

Look at Pelosi for God’s sakes. Can you take her, what’s with the blinking? She always looks to me like she’s signaling the Carpathia that she’s hit an iceberg or something. You know, the whistle on that train of thought is barely audible off in the distance, okay. This woman has gone through the Peter Principle like Gene Hackman under the El tracks in “French Connection.” You know why people love her so much? Tthe political cartoonists can use her actual photo. That’s why they love her.

So, strap yourself in, sports fans, and enjoy Dennis Miller at his absolute finest.

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