CNN's Holmes: Antiwar Blogger Is Doing 'Some Great Stuff'

On this morning's CNN Newsroom, anchor T.J. Holmes interviewed an Alabama 16-year-old who for the past two years has run an anti-Iraq war Web site.

Holmes began by pointing out to the girl, "Of course, your message is anti-war, not anti-troops." He then asked her about death threats she claims she's received.

He next asked her if she'd be endorsing a presidential candidate for 2008 based on their views on Iraq and wrapped up the interview with an enthusiastic plug for her anti-war site:

"Wow. It sounds like they all need to be after your endorsement right now. Ava Lowery, again, 16-years-old, been keeping up with that blog. It's some great stuff you're doing. It's Folks, check it out."

Oh, yeah, it's some great stuff she's doing. According to the Web site, the girl's "unflappable determination has drawn its share of persecution, as well. Ava received death threats from angry Bush supporters after a particularly tragic piece, 'WWJD,' a heartbreaking montage of photos of wounded and bloodied Iraqi children shown while a child sings 'Jesus Loves Me.' Many wonderful people came to Ava's defense. Cindy Sheehan wrote an article of support for her 'new friend... (who) is disgusted with the war and with the Bush regime.'"

A young Cindy Sheehan in the making. No wonder T.J. Holmes thinks "it's some great stuff (she's) doing" and wants folks to check it out.

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