MRC Profiled In Today's Washington Times

This year the Media Research Center marks 20 years of busting liberal media bias. Today's Washington Times took notice, with a profile of the MRC by reporter Robert Stacy McCain entitled "Keeping the press honest."

You can find the article online here and here (printer friendly version).

Here's an excerpt:

Six silent television screens are tuned to six different channels on the third-floor offices of the Media Research Center in Alexandria, producing a discordant TV tableau. On a recent afternoon, one screen shows a woman crying on the "Dr. Phil" show, while on another screen, director James Cameron is promoting a documentary that purports to show the tomb of Jesus.

It's all in a day's work for the center, whose red-bearded founder, L. Brent Bozell III, chuckles cheerfully as he guides a visitor on a tour.

In a nearby room, he points to row upon row of archived video recordings of news broadcasts, dating back to the founding of the conservative media-watchdog group two decades ago. In another room, banks of computers hum away, digitally recording the day's news from every U.S. network.

"I think, in one sense, you could say we've exceeded all expectations," says Mr. Bozell, whose organization will celebrate its 20th anniversary March 29 at its annual gala banquet.

"When we formally launched this in 1987, we had about seven staff. We had seven phones ... two desks, a black-and-white TV and a rented computer, in an old brownstone town house in Alexandria. And without two nickels to rub against one another, we were proposing to confront a multibillion-dollar empire. I think you can say, 20 years later, we've been quite successful."

Speaking of our 20th birthday, we've having quite a party coming up at the end of March to celebrate.

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