Matthews Drools Over Libby Trial

"Truth is stranger than fiction" is a phrase you often hear tossed around. I'd add a corollary to it: truth can be funnier than fiction, too.

Such was the case on tonight's "Hardball" where host Chris Matthews got so excited with his quest to blame the Bush admin for the Valerie Plame kerfuffle, he actually started drooling about it on the air, going past anything that "Saturday Night Live" actor Darrell Hammond has ever done in parody.

And no, that's not hyperbole. See the screenshot to the right and watch the video here in WMV or in RealPlayer.

This wasn't the first time Matthews has embarrassed himself regarding Scooter Libby and Valerie Plame. Last September, the notoriously effusive commentator couldn't find the words to describe the case once it became clear that Karl Rove would not be indicted.

Hat tip: blackrain4xmas

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