Yet Another Fawning Portrait of Obama From LA Times!

Somebody get the Los Angeles Times and Barack Obama a room! Twenty-four hours ago, I posted an item called, "LA Times' Glowing Coverage of Obama in Full Throttle." My premise: The Times is basically engaged in a full-on love affair with Barack Obama.

So imagine the look on my face when I picked up the Times this morning to see yet another fawning portrait of Obama today (Mon. Jan. 29, 2007)! This time, the piece is, "Occidental recalls 'Barry' Obama," placed prominently on the top of page B1 spanning 1,456 words. (See an image of the article.) Three photos, including one of a smiling, youthful Obama, accompany the piece. Need I even mention that the article is a pretty positive sketch of its subject?

Let's recap:

"Obama raises stakes for Democrats," Wed. January 17, 2007, page A1, 1,469 words (see an image) ...

"Early on, Obama showed talent for bridging divisions," Sat. Jan. 27, 2007, page A1, 1,204 words (see an image) ...

"Occidental recalls 'Barry' Obama," Mon. Jan. 29, 2007, page B1, 1,456 words (see an image) ...

That's a lot of nice coverage, folks! Wouldn't you say?


Also in the Times today: They devoted 1,210 words on page B3 to a bookseller who sells a "Bush Countdown Clock," which "displays to a tenth of a second the time left 'until Bush goes.'" ("He has a sense of timing with Bush" is the article.). The Times made sure to get a nice color picture of the clock on the bottom of page B1. (See the image.) (There's also another large b&w photo inside.)

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