GMA Clips Screechin' Hawkeye Hillary

Whoever produced GMA's segment on Hillary's prospects in Iowa is no big fan of the junior senator from New York. Among other things, the decidedly downbeat piece [from Clinton's perspective] reached back to 2003 for a clip of Hillary, campaigning in Iowa in 2003, screeching "it begins in Iowa and ends on Pennsylvania Avenue!" Not quite "sick and tired" screechy, but not a pretty sight by any means.

We were also treated to a clip of pre-makeover Hillary [shown here] campaigning in the Hawkeye State for her husband in 1992.

In contrast, a telegenic John Edwards was shown posing for a photo with a female admirer, and we were told that he "has been all over Iowa, winning the early popularity contest heading into the caucuses a year from now." Next, a clip of a younger woman-in-the-street saying "I like [Edwards'] grass-roots campaign, how he's connected to the people."

Then, as the narrator observed that Sen. Barack Obama "drew huge crowds last fall while supporting congressional candidates" a clip was shown of Obama making his way through a crowd with rock music blaring in the background. Subliminal message: rock music for the rock star of the Dem party.

But when it came to Hillary, another young woman was shown saying: "I want a woman to win, but I don't think Hillary's the one to do it."


Would you want to be the hapless ABC exec on the receiving end of the phone call that was presumably placed from the Hillary campaign, letting GMA know that you-know-who was not pleased?

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