More Global Warming Alarmism on NBC News

Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News, probably seeking to recover from anger on the left, is again raising the global warming alarmism. Williams spoke of the Antarctic landscape "where a catastrophe is unfolding slowly but surely." Williams then punted the story to ITN reporter Lawrence McGinty reporting from the barren landscape of Antarctica.

McGinty took the viewers for a tour of Antarctica and scientists on the ground examining samples from deep in the ice shelf. The scientists test for carbon dioxide levels which McGinty adamantly states are "the main cause of global warming" and "the levels of carbon dioxide today suggest we’re in for another [big melting]."

Certainly there is debate even within the scientific community as to the cause of the one degree increase in the earth’s temperature in the past 100 years. Why does the mainstream media not show them? Maybe it’s this mind set. The entire transcript is below.

Brian Williams: "NBC News 'In Depth' tonight, a trip to one of the coldest and most remote places on earth to see in dramatic fashion the impact of climate change on planet earth. Correspondent Lawrence McGinty of our British partner ITN reports tonight from the stunning landscape of Antarctica, a place he says where a catastrophe is unfolding slowly but surely."

Lawrence McGinty: "If you want to see global warming in action this is the place to come. The Antarctic peninsula is now three degrees warmer than it was 50 years ago. Once this glacier was surrounded by a huge ice shelf floating on the sea. Because of warming that's collapsed."

Mike Bentley, Glacial Geologist, Durham University: "We've recently discovered the ice shelves act to buttress the ice behind it, so hold it back. And so now, we know those the glaciers behind the ice shelves are speeding up and that is contributing to sea level."

McGinty: "Most of Antarctica's ice sheets lie on a plateau 4,000 meters high, fringed by mountain ranges. This is the true southern wilderness. A tight squeeze through the ice gave me a glimpse of that world. Down in a crevice, Antarctica is a very different and very beautiful place, a cathedral in ice. But it's a beauty that carries a terrible message, because scientists now believe that even deeper than this, one kilometer, two kilometers down, the ice is on the move. In some of the remotest parts of Antarctica, the scientists have gone much, much deeper, drilling down to the very bottom of the ice sheets, the cores they bring up are made of ice that fill with snow hundreds of thousands of years ago. Scientists can then analyze these ice cores for chemicals like carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming. The analysis shows there have been eight ice ages in Antarctic history, each followed by a big melt. The levels of carbon dioxide today suggest we're in for another. Scientists fear we could be approaching a point of no return. A tipping point that would irreversibly change our climate and our world. Lawrence McGinty for NBC News, Antarctica."

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