FNW: Pinkerton - Gibson Fell for Pelosi Photo-Op, Hall Agrees With Bozell [Video]

This evening's episode of Fox News Watch was more jam-packed than Smucker's at harvest time. But for space restraints, the headline would have been much longer. Let's get this party started:

Jim Pinkerton took an unvarnished shot at Charley Gibson, anchor of ABC's World News. Said Pinkerton, discussing Nancy Pelosi's shameless photo-op, shown here::

"The picture of Nancy Pelosi holding the baby inspired that genius of analysis Charles Gibson on ABC to say 'Oh! Nancy Pelosi is taking care of a baby and taking care of the country at the same time.' That's a total home-run for the spin doctors. They put a picture in front of it, and some dumb TV reporter just said 'oh yeah, well, I guess she's taking care of the country."

View edited video of several clips from this evening's show here.

As NewsBusters has also noted [here and here], Rich Lowry of National Review, pinch-hitting for Cal Thomas, observed: "There has been a big contrast in the media coverage of this takeover and the Republican takeover in 1994. Time magazine ran a cover story on Newt Gingrich in December, 'Mad as Hell'. Democrats were just as angry at George Bush this time around as Republicans were at Bill Clinton, but you would never see that sort of coverage on a major newsweekly now, because of the liberal media bias, right Neal?"

Next, liberal Neal Gabler described the fact that Tom Brokaw had eulogized President Ford as "completely inappropriate, frankly. I'm one of those people who still feels that the journalists and the politicians ought to be adversaries, not friends."

Next came the most surprising moment of the evening. Said Gabler's fellow liberal Jane Hall: "I thought it was extremely interesting, the interview that [Pres. Ford] gave to Michael Beschloss, the interview that he gave to Bob Woodward, which was I think, probably, I agree with Brent Bozell -- here's a headline, I rarely agree with Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center -- the media didn't love him when he did the pardon in the time-frame, and he emerged as a more moderate figure. Also I think in terms of the media, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post had a very funny line, and it said: 'what a contrast. Bush would rather have Hugo Chavez give his eulogy than David Gregory, who was Tom Brokaw's successor. That says a lot about the media."

Gabler later distinguished himself, if that's the word, as perhaps the only man in America unwilling to praise President Ford. When host Eric Burns spoke of Ford's decency, Gabler interjected: "Decency? What do you call decency? A man who wants to get William Douglas off the Supreme Court? A rabid partisan? Decency is relative."

True, Neal.

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