Best of 2006? Entertainment Weekly Magazine Picks Keith And Rosie

Entertainment Weekly TV critic Ken Tucker put both Keith Olbermann and Rosie O'Donnell on his Best of TV List for 2006.

6 Countdown With Keith Olbermann MSNBC  The best anchor in the biz right now books off-the-beaten-pundit guests, refuses to maintain the ridiculous pose of ''objectivity,'' and is funny as hell. Which is where some of his competitors wish he'd go.

7 The View ABC   Detonate the small nuclear bomb called Rosie O'Donnell and watch a mere chitchat show explode with barbed wit and fierce sociopolitical debate. She's forced Elisabeth Hasselbeck to try to learn how to form coherent thoughts, made a revitalized Joy Behar her ally in common sense, and frequently left her boss Barbara Walters speechless.

It's quite knee-jerk of Tucker to assert that Rosie is the apostle of "common sense" and the ninja of "barbed wit." She agrees with me, therefore she is brilliant and witty. And her conservative opponent eats paste.

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