Olbermann Includes Bush in 'Worst Person' List

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, who regularly uses his Countdown show to ridicule President Bush, on Tuesday finally included the President in his list of nominees for "Worst Person in the World." For the past 17 months that Olbermann has featured the "Worst Person" segment on his show, the Countdown host has ironically avoided including Bush in spite of the regular, sometimes vitriolic, criticism Olbermann has spewed at the President, including calling him a "21st century Marie Antoinette" over his handling of Hurricane Katrina and delivering several "Special Comment" attacks on the President. But on the December 5 show, Olbermann awarded Bush the third place "bronze" distinction because of word that President Bush had been warned about the sensitivity of asking Democratic Senator-elect Jim Webb about his son's service in Iraq before doing so anyway. Below is a complete transcript of Olbermann's comments about Bush from the December 5 Countdown show:

Keith Olbermann: "But first, time for Countdown's latest list of nominees for 'Worst Person in the World.' The bronze, and this is a Worst's first, President Bush. That snide exchange with Senator-elect Jim Webb of Virginia, in which Webb and Bush both looked kind of bad, tonight Mr. Bush looks kind of worse. Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia saying the President had been warned by aides to be, quote, 'extra sensitive,' about talking to Webb about his son, since Webb's son had had a recent brush with death in Iraq."

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