Megalo Murtha: America 'the Enemy,' I Was Way Ahead,' 'Time To Take My Advice'

'Today' invited John Murtha in for a victory lap this morning, and the Dem congressman from PA responded with breathtaking megalomania seasoned with anti-Americanism. Calling America "the enemy" in Iraq, he preened over having been "way ahead" and demanded the US now "take my advice."

NBC's invitation came in the wake of the leak of a Donald Rumsfeld memo floating the idea of redeploying American troops from Baghdad and other cities to safer areas in Iraq or Kuwait, where they would act as a “quick reaction force.”

Matt Lauer, claiming he wasn't "putting words in your mouth," proceeded to do just that:

"Do you feel that you were chided unnecessarily and wrongly and in some way made the poster child for cut and run based on some assumptions you made and suggestions you made that the Secretary of Defense later came to the same conclusion?

Murtha, in all his glory: "Well, there's no question that I was away ahead."

Murtha later took his megalomania one step further. After calling the United States "the enemy" in Iraq, he claimed "it's time to take my advice."

View video of Murtha's comments here and here.

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