Chris Matthews Depressed Democrat Harold Ford Goes Down

At 12:33 ET, a very reluctant Chris Matthews gave an update on the Tennessee Senate race, unwilling to call the vote (even though it was complete) for Republican Bob Corker. He was overruled from the control room, but still was clearly disheartened that Tennesseans did not vote his way.

Even after being corrected, Matthews continued to express skepticism that the Republican had defeated his preferred fellow Democrat.

We just got word now that the count is complete now in Tennesee and we're not making any projections yet officially as NBC now but as you can see up on the board now [pauses as screen comes up showing Corker projection]

Well we are I guess right now. NBC is--we're projecting that Bob Corker has beated [sic] Harold Ford Jr. after a very, very courageous [voice trails off] It's an apparent winner rather than a projection.

That's right. We're going now on final count here. We've got all the votes counted and he's got the most of them right now. So that's not a projection, it's a statement of reporting.

Look at those numbers right now. Looks like a close one. We'll see as the evening projects, uh, further on, we'll be able to make a full projection later on.

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