Planned Parenthood executives appeared twice on MSNBC on Monday with female interviewers who acted more like facilitators than journalists. Planned Parenthood boss Cecile Richards appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports. Meanwhile PP's Executive Vice President, Dawn Laguens, was on MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall.

On Friday, NBC’s Today lambasted Republicans for daring to oppose President Obama on the process of accepting Syrian refugees into the U.S. Co-host Savannah Guthrie proclaimed: “Defying the President, the House on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to impose stringent new screening rules.”

During Saturday morning's live MSNBC coverage of the Paris terror attacks, Daily Beast Foreign Editor Christopher Dickey worried that "the right wing politicians" in France "are going to do their best to take advantage of it and probably successfully to further divide this country," leading host Tamron Hall to recall concerns that a "tsunami of hatred may await Muslims."

Friday on MBSNC’s NewsNation, Tamron Hall addressed Ben Carson’s statements on gun control and how he would have dealt with the gunman at Umpqua. Tamron would entertain the attacks on Carson by Matt K. Lewis and Joan Walsh. Lewis accused Carson of opining where he shouldn't and should know better. While adding her own allegation that Carson would have tried to have the children assault a gunman, Hall appeared to confuse the status of college students at Umpqua with those of elementary school children at Newtown. Finally, Walsh attacked Carson supporters, claiming they have an appetite for cruel and delusional comments.

MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall displayed her disgust at GOP strategist Matt Schlapp on her show Monday when she pounded away at Carly Fiorina over a hard-charging Washington Post story today hitting Carly Fiorina for failing to pay bills from her “quixotic” 2010 Senate campaign. Schlapp brought up Hillary Clinton stealing furniture from the White House in 2000 (an old scandal that was broken by....that same Washington Post).

Hall told Schlapp “We’re done” and said he  would regret “going there” and that he ruined a “legitimate conversation about a news report.”

All three networks on Tuesday hyped Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards appearing before Congress, insisting the pro-abortion leader will “staunchly defend” her organization in the wake of the sting videos. During the news briefs, ABC and CBS didn’t show any of hidden videos. 

Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server, on Tuesday NBC’s Today rushed to promote former President Bill Clinton’s efforts to defend his wife from criticism. News reader Tamron Hall introduced the segment by touting “Hillary Clinton is dispatching her not so secret weapon, her husband and former president to help her weather the e-mail storm” and then turned to White House correspondent Kristen Welker to continue to tout the former president’s actions. 

Eager to provide supposed “fact-checking” of the Republican presidential debate, on Thursday, MSNBC NewsNation host Tamron Hall declared: “But to Carly Fiorina's moment regarding Planned Parenthood. While that comment was applauded by conservatives, a lot of that Twitter traffic was also...people fact-checking her on that statement.”

At the top of the 9 a.m. ET hour on NBC’s Today, co-host Tamron Hall slammed the Republican presidential debate as being like a bad reality show: “...a friend of mine said it was like The Real Housewives with Andy Cohen, because they were just pitted against each other.”

MSNBC hosts on Friday jumped at the chance to bash former President George W. Bush over his handling of Hurricane Katrina on the 10th anniversary of the storm that ravaged the gulf coast. On NewsNation, host Tamron Hall proclaimed: “Many have said, including writer Douglas Brinkley and others, that this was the stain on his presidency that he could never recover from.”

The dad of an American hero who foiled a terrorist attack on a French train took to MSNBC to slam the "terrorist coward" as well as the "PC crowd" who won't stand up against evil. Talking to Tamron Hall, Monday, Emanuel Skarlatos, pronounced, "It's better to die like a lion that be slaughtered like sheep." He continued, "This terrorist coward deserved what he got, and the PC crowd needs to recognize terrorism for what it is." 

On Wednesday morning, the “Big Three” (ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks eagerly pounced on video of Florida Senator Marco Rubio mistakenly hitting a boy with a football while throwing him a pass, giving the video a combined 2 minutes 43 seconds of coverage from 7-9:00 a.m. NBC’s Today introduced its broadcast with Matt Lauer declaring “Rubi-ow. A pass from Senator Marco Rubio to a young fan doesn't quite go quite as planned...Why the presidential hopeful says the quarterback always gets the blame.”