Blagojevich Appearance on MSNBC's 'Rachel Maddow' Show May Come Back t

April 25th, 2011 5:52 PM
Disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) may find a January 2009 appearance on Rachel Maddow's program coming back to bite him. According to the Chicago Tribune's Bob Secter and Jeff Coen, federal prosecutors are hoping to use an excerpt of an interview in Blago's retrial:

AP Continues Trend of Failing to Identify Democrats Embroiled in Scand

September 11th, 2009 10:29 AM
On a day in which the AP found newsworthiness in scandals involving both Democrats and Republicans, only one party was expressly identified within the articles.  Can you guess which one?It is the grand AP tradition known as 'Name That Party' - a tradition which includes the following:Fraudster Hassan Nemazee, finance chair for Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.Money laundering mayors Peter Cammarano… Notes Party-ID Bias in Associated Press Reporting

September 9th, 2009 5:52 PM
Leon H. Wolf of makes a great comparison today, calling out the Associated Press for their labeling bias.  This post, found here, is hilariously entitled “AP Discovers GOP Republican Conservative Republican Member of the GOP (R) Involved In Scandal.”Wolf pointed out the difference between this story and the AP’s coverage of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick:

Where's the Party? NY Times Selectively Identifies Troubled Democrats

July 9th, 2009 4:11 PM
Where's the party (identification)?On Thursday, Chicago-based New York Times reporter Monica Davey reported on more controversy over Rod Blagojevich, the corrupt former Democratic governor of Illinois who tried to sell off the state's U.S. Senate seat that was left empty after Sen. Barack Obama assumed the presidency. In "Top Blagojevich Aide Pleads Guilty to Fraud," Davey managed to…

Name That Party: Blago’s, Burris’s Party IDs Largely MIA in Latest

May 27th, 2009 4:02 PM
Maybe it should be put to music: Blago and Burris, Sitting in a tree, But they'd rather we not know their political party. There has been yet another revelation about contacts between Democratic President Barack Obama's U.S. Senate successor, Democrat Roland Burris and former Illinois Democratic governor Rod Blagojevich over Blago's pre-Senate appointment, uh, deliberations. A released FBI audio…

Un-Name That Party: AP Scrubs Dem IDs From JJ Jr./Blago Report in Cgo

April 8th, 2009 12:02 AM
The Associated Press's determination to keep the identity of Democrats in trouble or under investigation hidden is indeed strong and persistent.Its report (as of 11:03 p.m.; a copy is saved here at my web host for future reference) on the launch of an ethics probe into Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr.'s relationship with ousted former Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich, particularly relating to…

Name That Party: March Madness Edition

March 27th, 2009 7:51 PM
Today's Chicago Tribune, taking a cue from its hero Barack Obama, gave bracketeering a try.  The contenders, all former Illinois and Louisiana public officials, were selected for a smackdown to determine the most disgraceful.The rivals from Louisiana were former Governors Huey Long and Edwin Edwards, former Congressman William "Refrigerator" Jefferson, and former New Orleans City…

ABC's 'Name That Party' December 'Scandal' Montage Updated to Include

February 20th, 2009 3:09 PM
Well, isn't THIS interesting. In a December post (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog), I reviewed ABC's online "The Faces of Political Scandal" slideshow, which featured mini-profiles of 14 politicians in recent years who have been tainted by scandal and/or crime. At the time, I noted that: Of the 14 politicians identified, seven are Democrats and seven are Republicans. Five of the seven GOP…

Network Morning Shows Downplay Burris Perjury Allegations

February 16th, 2009 1:52 PM
Monday morning show coverage of allegations that Illinois Senator Roland Burris may have perjured himself with respect to connections to impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich minimized calls for investigation or Burris’s resignation. On the CBS Early Show, correspondent Thailia Assuras explained: "State Republican lawmakers are calling for Senator Roland Burris to resign and be…

Burris Lied Under Oath; WaPo Buries Lying in Euphemisms

February 15th, 2009 9:21 AM

Miller: Blago Only One Associated With Obama Who's Paid His Taxes

February 7th, 2009 4:25 PM
Comedian Dennis Miller did his weekly stint on the "O'Reilly Factor" Wednesday, and was in truly rare form.Besides claiming that Hillary Clinton has "been cheated on more frequently than a blind woman playing Scrabble with gypsies," and calling her husband "a big, loopy horn dog," Miller marvelously depicted impeached Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich as "the…

Networks Skip (D) for Blagojevich as Scandal-Plagued Governor Ousted

January 30th, 2009 12:12 PM
Seven weeks after his arrest for allegedly attempting to peddle Barack Obama’s Senate seat, Rod Blagojevich was removed as governor of Illinois on Thursday. ABC, CBS and NBC all offered full reports last night and this morning, but none of the anchors or reporters provided any hint that Blagojevich was a Democrat. Back on December 9, reporting on the then-governor’s arrest,…

ABC7 News Chicago: 'Quinn Comes in With a Squeaky Clean Reputation

January 29th, 2009 10:56 PM
On its Web site this evening, ABC7 News Chicago reports on the new Illinois Democratic governor in "Who Is Pat Quinn?"  General assignment reporter John Garcia tells readers about the man who replaced former Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich :Quinn comes in with a squeaky clean reputation at a time when the past two governors have faced serious federal charges. An Illinois Democrat with a…

CBS ‘Early Show’ Interviews Blagojevich, No Democratic Mention

January 27th, 2009 5:11 PM
On Tuesday’s CBS ‘Early Show,’ embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was interviewed over the course of two segments, totaling 10 minutes, and was never described as a Democrat. Co-hosts Maggie Rodriguez, Harry Smith and Julie Chen all spoke with the governor at some point and none mentioned his political party. The only acknowledgment of the governor’s party affiliation was in an on-screen…