In the cover story for Time magazine’s Person of the Year issue, writer Karl Vick explained the publication’s decision to name journalists as persons of the year. Amid highlighting the plight of murdered or imprisoned reporters in dictatorships around the world, Vick interwove repeated jabs at President Trump, blaming the American leader for launching a “war on truth” that has endangered the free press.

Appearing as a guest on CBS This Morning Saturday, Time magazine editor at large Karl Vick painted the Israeli government as being to blame because a two-state solution has never been attained during alleged "peacemaker" Mahmoud Abbas's tenure as Palestinian Authority president.

Thursday’s Morning Joe featured a discussion on the Iranian deal and hostages in Iran. Late into the segment, Mika Brzezinski inquired of Vali Nasr on whether he was surprised the hostages weren't part of the deal. Nasr, who served as a State Department official in the Obama administration, and Karl Vick, of Time Magazine, both expressed a lack of surprise for getting the hostages. Joe Scarborough, infuriated by the lack of suprise, began to criticize the idea of dealing with the Iranians.

As we at NewsBusters have noted, the media's coverage of Mohammed Morsi's self-appointment as virtual dictator in Egypt has been dreadful. Surely TIME magazine would be a little more hard-hitting, right?

Wrong. Despite having the benefit of three reporters on the byline -- Richard Stengel, Bobby Ghosh and Karl Vick --  none of those men posed a really hard-hitting question and all of them let Morsi drone on with filibuster-length answers that dominated the interview. Below the page break you'll find the agenda of questions asked (emphases mine) -- the first one is an incredibly dopey non-question -- and you can read the TIME transcript here: