On his Friday Fox News show, Tucker Carlson interviewed Nick Loeb, co-producer of Roe v. Wade, a dramatic film which plans to show viewers "what happened from 1966 through 1973" that led to the Supreme Court's decision declaring existing laws against abortion unconstitutional. Carlson's interview concentrated primarily on obstacles Loeb has faced in funding the film — obstacles which have included overt and covert suppression of his efforts on Facebook. Loeb also revealed that the film will show America "how the media was manipulated" during that critical period.

Associated Press (AP), the arbiters of style for journalism, issued new rules related to global warming and climate change coverage, infuriating liberal environmentalists.

Their anger stemmed from AP’s guidance which said to use the label “climate change doubters” or “those who reject mainstream climate science” when discussing those that do not accept man-made climate change, rather than “skeptics” or “deniers.”

In the 1980s and ’90s, journalists passed along expert predictions of the world as they thought it would be in 2015. Now that the New Year has finally arrived, it might be fun to recall a few of those forecasts: starvation due to overpopulation, troops keeping women out of abortion clinics, and a U.S. government drowning under massive revenue surpluses.

Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe started off her column on March 6 with the exact same feeling about the current Obama/Limbaugh feud that I at first had: I wasn't going to talk about it either. But after reading her column of distortions and outright lies about Limbaugh -- as well as the ever present fat jokes and general incivility -- I couldn't resist analyzing her column. It is, as it occurs, the perfect example of the calumny that lefty writers and media figures heap on the radio talker. It also reveals their low born style of discourse and their general state of apoplexy at Limbaugh, if not the general level of insanity he instills in them.

Proving the direction she intended to take right off the top Goodman starts with a fat joke. She says she caught Limbaugh's CPAC speech as she was on a flight. Goodman quips that he "filled -- and I do mean filled -- the screen" before her. Yes, one can sense the high caliber of analysis about to assault the eye when reading this first paragraph. Goodman is obviously an intellectual giant.

Teenagers who tumble from the bed to a sudden pregnancy often face this reaction from the people surrounding them: These poor kids made a mistake, yes. But they don’t have the maturity to bring a life into the world. It would ruin their lives, and they would probably be irresponsible and resentful parents. Admitting their immaturity and having an abortion is the truly mature choice.

That might sound like a formulaic TV movie of the week.