Appearing as a guest on Thursday's CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, CNN political analyst David Gergen worried that the Republican party has "turned right," and that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is "doubling down" by choosing Steve Bannon of Breitbart News as CEO of his campaign. As if Bannon were similar to a Nazi, Gergen fretted: "Mr. Breitbart has called Mr. Bannon -- who's the new guru of the Trump campaign -- he's called him the Leni Riefenstahl of the American Tea Party."

Appearing as a guest on Wednesday's Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield to react to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's speech attacking Democrat Hillary Clinton, CNN political commentator David Gergen fretted over charges that the Clinton duo had been "corrupt" in their handling of the Clinton Foundation, with the CNN commentator calling the charge "slanderous." After dismissing Peter Schweizer's book, Clinton Cash, as "discredited," he worried that some of the attacks on Clinton are motivated by "gender" and recalled that a "civil war" came not long after divisive White House campaigns involving President Andrew Jackson in the 1800s.

On Monday's AC360, CNN's Anderson Cooper and his guests likened Donald Trump to Richard Nixon. David Gergen decried the billionaire revoking The Washington Post's press credentials: "That's extraordinary! Why would he do something so stupid?" Cooper replied, "He's assembling an enemies list, like presidents have in the past." Gloria Borger interjected, "Most presidents, like Richard Nixon, keep it private....Donald Trump publicizes it; and says, this is my list."

Moments after video surfaced on Wednesday night of President Obama doing the tango while visiting Argentina, the panel on CNN’s AC360 did little to contain their disdain for the President continuing to engage in lighter fare they dubbed “frivolous” and “shameful” in the immediate 24-36 hours after the deadly Islamic terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

Former Clinton official and CNN senior political analyst David Gergen received the first nod during the AC360 Post Debate Special to comment on Thursday’s PBS NewHour Democratic Debate and exalted how he couldn’t recall a presidential candidate “who was more experienced and more competent than Hillary Clinton was tonight.”

Former presidential adviser and CNN senior political analyst David Gergen did his best in the moments right after Hillary Clinton’s speech late Monday night reacting to the nail-biting race between her and socialist Senator Bernie Sanders by trumpeting Clinton as “animated, spirted” and clear that she’s “found more of her voice.” Host Anderson Cooper went to Gergen immediately after Clinton’s speech concluded and Gergen first blurted out that it was “animated” and “spirited” in a signal that “we're going to have a great debates with Bernie Sanders.”

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Senior Political Analyst David Gergen admitted that GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio "had a point" during the debate in calling out the media for ignoring Hillary Clinton's "clear inconsistency" in her Benghazi story, conceding that he had also joined in the media chorus focusing on "praising her performance."

But the CNN analyst then absurdly excused the media's behavior by blaming Republicans who "told us that this was a rigged process" for causing the media "naturally" to "look at it through that lens." Gergen did not mention that neither of the two Republicans who hinted at politics in the Benghazi investigation was even on the Benghazi committee.

Appearing as a guest on Friday's New Day, CNN political analyst repeated his claim that Hillary Clinton would "make monkeys" out of the Benghazi committee members as he asserted that "she did" in fact do so. Bernstein also threw out one loaded word after another to negatively characterize the Benghazi committee as "ugly," calling it a "travesty," and using the words "disgraceful" and "demagoguery."

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin trashed Republican Congressman Jim Jordan (Ohio) during Thursday’s Anderson Cooper 360 for being “the worst” in his questioning of Hillary Clinton and acting “unprofessional,” “misleading,” and “demeaning.” Reacting to Jordan speaking with CNN’s Dana Bash moments beforehand, Toobin began his diatribe by whining that the conservative member of Congress “was clearly the worst, the most unprofessional, the most misleading, the most really demeaning to the Congress in terms of his questioning.”

Previewing Hillary Clinton’s testimony Thursday morning before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 did their best on Wednesday to paint the most flattering picture possible of Clinton being “battle tested” with “steady nerves” despite “withering attacks” and the ability to turn “even a hot seat, if not comfortable, at least cooler.”

Amid the growing rumors on Monday night surrounding a possible presidential run by Vice President Joe Biden, CNN’s AC360 couldn’t help but still mention Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton with chief national correspondent John King ruling that some criticism of Clinton “isn’t quite probably not fair” while David Gergen touted her as “a calm, steadying force.”

Now that Hillary Clinton has finally revealed that she broke e-mail protocol for the sake of convenience, CNN can now direct the nation’s fury toward the evil Republicans who sent a letter to the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism, explaining that President Obama’s deal is as constitutionally strong as Iran’s sincerity in cultivating nuclear energy.

Enter CNN’s David Gergen, who, despite working for the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan Administrations, announced on Tuesday night's Erin Burnett OutFront that he “can't remember an instance in which such a letter has been sent. This much of an interference has been launched from the halls of Congress with the President in the midst of negotiations.”