Los Angeles Times art critic Christopher Knight wrote that Pamela Geller and her “hateful ilk” displayed the “freedom to do something stupid.” But Knight wrote a passage that is surprisingly ignorant of what’s in the newspapers:

A new coloring book devoted to the Tea Party amounts to little more than "kiddie propaganda," according to Los Angeles Times arts writer Christopher Knight.

We looked through Knight's archives and could find no such complaints about the litany of fawning Barack Obama coloring books, or the two George W. Bush-themed ones, both of which are completely devoted to mocking the former president.

So Knight's problem seems to be less that young children are being indoctrinated by politically-themed coloring books and more that conservatives are using the medium in an attempt to promote their cause among those children.

After the last three years of President Obama's graphics and poster art that evokes the style of graphics used in communist propaganda someone in the Old Media has finally discovered the similarity between today's political graphics and communist styled propaganda art. And on top of that another we see another member of the Media calling us all "tea baggers" So which of Obama's posters is the L.A. Times saying is like commie art? Is it the "Hope" poster where Obama stares off into the distance like a communist leader attempting to inspire confidence in the viewer? Is it one of the other many posters that position Obama in similar poses to umpteen communist posters of ages past? Nope, it's Glenn Beck's Taxpayer March logo that caused the Times to finally see a similarity with communist art.