CNN's New Day continued its advocacy for Congress to "fix" student loan rates, on Tuesday and Wednesday, instead of asking why the House and Senate differ on the solutions and addressing the larger debate about rising tuition costs.

Co-host Chris Cuomo lectured House Republicans in particular. "The Republicans say education matters also," he called out the GOP on Tuesday's New Day. When co-host Kate Bolduan noted that the House GOP passed a bill in May indexing student loan rates to Treasury note rates, it wasn't good enough for Cuomo. "I know. But I mean, look at the rates. You've got to put the rates back, right?" he insisted.

In a show of advocacy and not journalism, CNN skirted the policy details of the student loans debate and instead just paddled Congress for letting the loan rates double, on Monday's New Day.

Co-hosts Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo begged Congress to "fix" the student loan rate increase that automatically went into effect on July 1. They dubbed it the "'Come on Congress' campaign." Cuomo scolded Congress: "This student loans thing, we want to be on it just about every day. They can fix it. They know it was a mistake. You can't compromise education in the country, not this way."

CNN's new morning show New Day hosted only one member of Congress – a Democrat – to discuss the immigration bill on Friday. Co-host Chris Cuomo interviewed Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and pushed for Congress to "get this done."

Cuomo let the Senator dodge his question on border security, but pinned her down when asking why amnesty wasn't granted to even more illegal immigrants. "Why leave out a whole year's worth of people who have come into the country?" he asked the Senator.

Before Monday morning's debut of the Cable News Network's New Day three-hour program, co-host Chris Cuomo was interviewed by Sam Thielman of in a discussion that ranged from his career choice of journalism over politics to his “tendency to advocate more than people are used to on television.”

Speaking of himself and co-hosts Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira, the 42-year-old newsman stated: “We take our jobs very seriously here at New Day, but we do not take ourselves very seriously. If it matters to people, it matters to us.”

The first reviews of CNN's new morning show New Day are out, and network boss Jeff Zucker will be none too pleased.

TVNewser's Gail Shister lambasted the program, in particular co-host Chris Cuomo who she said "can make a lost-kitten story sound like a mass murder":

Chris Cuomo is the co-host of CNN's new morning show New Day, which made its debut Monday morning. Before he came to CNN in February, Cuomo was formerly the co-host of ABC's 20/20. He brings a liberal legacy with him to CNN.

Cuomo hails from a Democratic family. His brother Andrew is the Democratic governor of New York, and his father Mario Cuomo was formerly the state's three-term Democratic governor who gave the keynote speech at the 1984 Democratic Convention.

Before his time at 20/20, Chris Cuomo was the news anchor on ABC's Good Morning America. From before the 2008 presidential campaign through the first months of President Obama's first term, Cuomo echoed the liberal line on a range of issues like health care, immigration, and global warming. Here is his worst liberal bias from his years at ABC.

The tumult at CNN that has seen several contributors leave the cable news network continued on Wednesday, when Soledad O'Brien's morning show, “Starting Point,” was canceled because her program's small audience was “too ethnic, based on the high concentration of minority viewers.”

Despite ending O'Brien's morning show, a CNN spokesman told Politico on Thursday that "Soledad is very important to the network, and we're discussing various options with her.”

When Jeff Zucker became president of CNN earlier this month, some people in the mainstream media feared that this might be the end of “the last bastion of television journalism” since the former head of NBC Universal was expected to make many significant changes in the network personnel and schedule.

Those changes took off on Tuesday, when ABC's Chris Cuomo, who had served as the news anchor on “Good Morning America” from 2006 to 2009 and then moved on to the "20/20" prime-time program, was reported to “have a major role in a new CNN morning show and across the network, anchoring and reporting on major events.”

The ridiculous media narrative continues, in spite of the mounting evidence that has proven otherwise. A movie clip posted on YouTube months ago is still being blamed for the unspeakable acts of violence that occurred over two weeks ago. The media has effectively demonized an amateur filmmaker for allegedly inciting more rage and violence in the Middle East. It's almost as if they are equating hate speech with murder, and absolving the angry mobs for what they did. They just couldn't help themselves.

One of the actresses from The Innocence of Muslims was invited on The View on Wednesday morning to share her side of the story. What ensued was a peculiar interview that dragged on for over 7 minutes. While the rest of the cast was said to be in hiding, Cindy Lee Garcia 'bravely' made an appearance on national television to set the record straight. (see video below, MP3 audio available here)

NewsBusters continues to showcase the most egregious bias the Media Research Center has uncovered over the years — four quotes for each of the 25 years of the MRC, 100 quotes total — all leading up to our big 25th Anniversary Gala on Thursday, September 27.

Click here for blog posts recounting the worst of 1988 through 2006. Today, the worst bias of 2007: ABC fawns over newly-installed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; Rosie O’Donnell insults the troops; and a McClatchy headline writer finds a downside to good news in Iraq. [Quotes and video below the jump.]

Chris Cuomo, ABC News Anchor; & RNC Chairman Michael Steele | NewsBusters.orgABC News anchor Chris Cuomo conducted a hostile interview of RNC Chairman Michael Steele on Monday’s Good Morning America. Noting Steele hadn't used the term “death panel,” Cuomo asked if it was "a sign of positive progress." He also wondered why Steele wasn't bashing insurance companies, since when there is "excess in the system, it always comes back to the insurance companies."

The GMA anchor interviewed the RNC chairman 15 minutes into the 7 am hour. He zeroed in on Steele’s op-ed plugging a “Seniors’ Health Care Bill of Rights" which ran in the Washington Post on Monday. After Steele first summarized what was in the proposal, Cuomo brought up the hyped “death panel” term, which is a central part of the debate over ObamaCare:

“Now Mr. Steele, here in this health care bill of rights -- very interesting what is not here, the word ‘death panel’ is not anywhere in here. Is this a sign of positive progress, that we’re not going to talk about death panels anymore as a scare tactic?”