We began detailing the Media Research Center’s “Best Notable Quotables of 2015” yesterday with the awards for the gooiest Obamagasms of the year. Today, we have the perennial “Damn Those Conservatives Award,” our annual look at the nasty rhetoric that liberal journalists fling at conservatives. (Thanks to our 39 judges who patiently reviewed dozens of quotes to select the very worst of the worst.)

Call Ayman Mohyeldin "the Duke Ellington Reporter" in homage to the jazz great's "Don't Get Around Much Anymore." Or perhaps you could say that Mohyeldin had his Pauline Kael moment, after the New York Times movie critic who, as legend has it, averred she couldn't understand how Nixon won since she didn't know anyone who voted for him.

Isn't a reporter supposed to, you know, get around and speak with people with a range of views?  Not Ayman. On this evening's Hardball, Mohyeldin said that "every single person I've spoke to" said [Trump's Muslim immigration plan] would be "disastrous." But just a bit earlier in the show, Michael Steele cited a poll showing that 56% of Americans believe that Islam is incompatible with American values. Mohyeldin apparently didn't have a chance to chat with any of the majority of Americans. Not surprising, coming from the man who called American Sniper Chris Kyle a "racist" who went on "killing sprees."

Joe Scarborough opened today's Morning Joe with coverage of the unfolding terror attack in Mali, and promptly turned to Ayman Mohyeldin for a report.

The very first words out of Mohyeldin's mouth were "it's important to emphasize we still don't know the identity of these gunmen who have taken the hotel hostage." Great point, Ayman. I mean, sure, they were yelling Allah Akhbar, and released hostages who could recite passages from the Koran. But can anyone prove they're not a bunch of Yale frat boys on early Spring Break wearing hideously inappropriate Halloween costumes? Or perhaps some insufficiently sensitive Mizzou administrators invading the safe space of the hotel guests? 

On Wednesday’s MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts, Ayman Mohyeldin presented a video of his interviews with two college kids from Jerusalem, one an Israeli, the other a Palestinian. After playing the video, Thomas Roberts and Mohyeldin continued to discuss the video. Mohyeldin lectured, “To try to understand this current cycle of violence, one of the reasons Palestinians will always say is the humiliation and frustration that the young people are experiencing.”

MSNBC journalist Ayman Mohyeldin’s biased coverage of Navy sniper Chris Kyle earned him the “Damn Those Conservatives to Hell” award at Thursday’s 2015 Media Research Center Gala and DisHonors Awards. Appearing on the January 29, 2015 edition of Morning Joe, Mohyeldin condemned Kyle’s “racist tendencies towards Iraqis and Muslims as he was going on some of these, you know, killing sprees in Iraq on assignment.” The comment was so egregious that he went on to win the MRC’s quote of the year. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A raucous crowd of 900 attendees at Thursday night's 2015 Media Research Center Gala and DisHonors Awards dinner gave the dubious honor of Quote of the Year to NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin for this gem in which he trashed late U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle as having gone on "killing sprees" during his tours of duty.

Asked by MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin whether Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton should apologize for comparing her GOP presidential rivals to terrorists, Washington Post national political corresondent Karen Tumulty demurred, remarking that "the lesson of Donald Trump in this election season is: no apologies, just keep moving."

Andrea Mitchell opened her show on Monday by immediately insisting that an organization, targeted by Muslim gunmen in Texas on Sunday, was both "hateful" and "bizarre." Talking to journalist Ayman Mohyeldin, she fretted, "Do we know anything more about this, frankly bizarre, draw-the-prophet gathering? Is this the first time they've ever held something like this?" 

It hasn’t been a good week for NBC’s PR team.  Their top anchor has humiliated the network and been suspended for six months after being outed as a liar.  And one of their foreign correspondents continues to take heat for making offensive comments about a celebrated American hero, American Sniper Chris Kyle. Two retired generals appeared on Hannity Tuesday evening to disucss the letter they sent along with MRC President Brent Bozell to the Comcast Board of Directors demanding an on-air apology from NBC foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin. 

On the heels of the recent snowballing Brian Williams controversy, more trouble continues to brew for the beleaguered NBC. Yesterday, 22 retired generals and admirals, along with dozens of other prominent senior military officers, joined MRC president Brent Bozell in a letter to the Comcast Board of Directors.  Comcast is the parent company of NBC. The letter called upon the Comcast Board to demand NBC apologize for hateful comments recently made against Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle

As NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams became embroiled in a major controversy on Thursday over his false story of being shot at in Iraq, he joined a growing list of NBC journalists whose credibility has been shredded in recent months in the wake of various scandals.

Ayman Mohyeldin has suggested that Chris Kyle, the real "American Sniper," was a "racist" whose military missions were nothing less than "killing sprees." 

With opinions like that, you might imagine Mohyeldin to be some unhinged bloviator from the bowels of the anti-American far left. Or, an NBC foreign correspondent [who formerly worked for Al Jazeera] who regularly reports on events in the Middle East.  Which is exactly what he is.  Ayman vented his bile on today's Morning Joe.